Use 411 information to increase your B2B sales efforts.

Use 411 information to increase your B2B sales efforts.

Did you know Online Services can help sell, or find other businesses you can buy from or sell your good and services too?

If you have not thought about this. It consists of more over then customers from the general public. Selling and or finding businesses that you can sell and offer your goods to. That is called business to business, as most people like to refer to it simply as B2B.

Did you know that 89% of B2B companies search on Google before closing a deal.

Not only are they searching online for a supplier, but also to research someone, or some business they are considering on doing business with.

It's not always through word of mouth or reading offline industry publications. Where most purchasing companies find potential suppliers is through SEO, other directories, or some sort of online version of a trade show.

Despite that, most business owners that target B2B still haven't mastered SEO as an acquisition channel.

If you too have been wondering how 411 information can help your business in these situations. Let us explain, we use a 2 step process.


411 information has a 2 step that benefits you.

First, of course you can create a professional business profile for your business.

Just like any business profile you may have seen, or created for yourself in the past.

All sites allow, and want you to set up a Nap's (that is your name address and phone number). However from there on we all vary. So lets get the similarity out of the way right away.

You get to set up a profile that consists of your business name, address and contact info.

And that is pretty much where the similarity end, right there.

We also let you link to your already established website. Remember this for the past two when we cover that step.

We add your website to your profile so people can jump right over and learn more about your. With the click of a button. This link also creates what is called a hyper link, or even a back link. We will talk more about that is part two as well.

In your profile page under your contact info. We let you write a paragraph on what makes your business so special or what a viewer should pick your business for the goods or services that the visitor is searching for. Lastly, we never do or allow reviews. Really when did this start?. For some of you, it might of been forever. However that is not how the rest of us remember. There was never a service where you could put your business up. And allow people to write nasty things about your business. Sometimes even paying for that privilege, its insanity.

While good reviews are great, those bad ones. And sadly they will happen, are terrible. We have written endlessly about it. From the upset customer from years ago, that is just sitting under your profile on some of these other sites. And just wont go away. Or better yet, God forbid some sort of review blackmail, Of yes its a thing you can read more about that here.

And lets not forget your competition taking time out of their day to leave some less then favorable reviews under your name on some of these sites that allow reviews.


411 information online knows full well about these kind of issues. We would never want it for us, or for our customers. That is why we will never allow reviews on our platforms. We want and expect you to write content about your business. Share your story, even why you think a customer should come to your place of business right now, today even.

We want you to succeed. Please feel free to market yourself in your words. If you need help writing content for your business, we would be happy to help. Just let us know, contact customer service here.

411 information online step two is that we have multiple websites.

And as such we create multiple profiles like that one we spoke about above. Over again and again on our family of sites. Each website has a certain domain authority. And will have ranking factors to help boast your website, and be seen. If your profile is not seen on one site, it could possible be found on one of our other sites. More listings, more possibility to be found. That makes sense right? However there is more to it then that. While that is a great start, these additional listings all through our several sites. Link to one another, as well as back to your website.

These links or better know as back links help boost your website. Over and over again Google has said back links are a key part of their decision on ranking. Here is a better and broader explanation on google and how they use back links to rank websites. Anyway, again more is better at least we think so. So not only do we let you write your content, stop ad reviews or better yet don't allow them.

We boost and help your SEO efforts to boost your brand and website through our service.

411 information is a very cost effective way to help boost your brand, and drive your brands search engine results. If you want to learn more about us, you can watch our 411 information video.

Our click the link and submit your business today.