Online Services offers a Beginners’ Guide to Local SEO

Online Services offers a Beginners’ Guide to Local SEO

Online Services knows that not everyone knows what is SEO.

Or how to implement SEO for your business. With unprecedented digitization in the last decade or so, the line between online and offline businesses has blurred. The changing consumer behavior has pushed offline ventures to foray into the online world. Now, a local plumber with a brick and mortar establishment also needs a strong online presence to grow their business. For many daily-use services and products, customers tend to go to Google or local directories such as us at 411 information online.

The ongoing prevalence of local online search has also increased the importance of local SEO. In simple words, good Local SEO means you get a better ranking in search queries made in a localized backdrop. For all those small-scale and offline ventures that are primarily dependent on local online visibility, we will provide some basics of good local SEO practices in this blog.


Online Services covers the top 3 SEO efforts you need to start doing for your business right away. 

Keyword Selection

As of now, online searches are carried out through words. So, every business operation regardless of its size and type can be represented by a set of keywords and SEO is its primary function. This means the use of relevant keywords in your online contact is a sure-shot way to improve your SERP.

We at Online Services believe that following provisions should be taken care of in the context of keyword selection for Local SEO.

  • Use words that represent your service and products from the perspective of customers e.g. Use ‘dentist’ and ‘dentistry’ instead of ‘periodontal specialist’ and ‘periodontal clinic’ respectively. You can list your business in several heading areas like this in your business profile on our Online Services directory.

  • Always add the name of city/state/borough to your long tail keywords for better local SEO results. The keyword ‘dentist in Ontario’ will offer better local SEO results in comparison to ‘dentist’.

  • Use of long tail keyword phrases is another way to ensure better local SEO. It actually enables you to get closest to users’ queries. For instance, ‘dentist in Ohio near me’ is the nearest that you can get to what people will eventually search.

Keyword Optimization

After carefully creating a list of keywords, you have to optimize your online content with it. Meta titles, Meta tags, and general content should have those keywords in an organic manner. Keyword stuffing can be easily caught by search engines these days. So, avoid this  practice while working on your local SEO.

Citations and Link Building

Getting citations in local directories such as Online Serivces is another way to achieve a positive impact on your local SEO. Make sure that your business NAP is same in all citations. Search engines recognize a platform when the same NAP is cited at different authentic listing platforms like 411information online and on our sister site your local 411 online 

Moreover, link building is a time-tested SEO practice that is carried out by getting your website referenced on other platforms. Apart from creating valuable content, get your business listed with our family of online directories 411 information online for link building. The citation and link building through our authentic local directory will definitely help your local SEO for better SERP.

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Online Services is a local directory that can help businesses to have better online visibility in a particular region. Our citations also lead to better local SEO for every listed business.

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