Frequently Asked Questions

We have several ways. You can email us, call us, or fill out our submit a listing page. All ways to contact us can be done Here.
We bill twice a year. In blocks of 6 months at a time. We auto continue, kind of a set it and forget it. Once your listing is up just let it run. If you want to discontinue your listing we can do it no problem, just most times would be for the next block, before it begins. But why stop, never miss any customers, keep your ad up always.
We never bill you for creating your listing, thats our job. Our fee structure can be found here.
Contact us, we are here to address any of your concerns. 
Yes we use PayPal, as well as offer 30 day billing to all our customers. 
Contact us here
Any way we can help your business we will, contact us here.
If its against the law we wont do it, simple.