Online Services helps drive traffic to your business.

When you place a ad on you gain excess to millions of views you might not be able to reach. 
Online business directories, like online services. Are a affordable way to get your business noticed. When people look online, trusted online directories are the go to place to find what someone might be looking for. 
If you do not have your name in that directory. You will not be listed. And therefore not found.
Being found is key to making new customers. Most of the time a person does not know a particular store of service, until they are need to that item, or service. 
Online business directories rank well with search engine like Google, and Bing. So being listing in one helps your business by affiliations . 
Not only that but if you place a listing in or other directories you help with brand recognition.
The more places a person sees your company name. The more trust worthy it feels. And customers buy based on trust.
Here is a list of business directories that can help you gain exposer, and ranking right away.
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Online Services.  A great place to start.